Wow Your Bridal Guests

5 Ways To Wow Your Bridal Guests For 2018

Welcome to the SIFA Events professional DJ blog, where we talk about all things entertainment in Melbourne and Sydney. Since wedding talk and ceremonies are fast approaching, right now it’s time to cover the ways you can wow your guests for 2018. Yes, the bridal gown, wedding cake and music are all important, but these are our top tips for making sure your wedding wows your guests in 2018.

  1. Let guests mingle: there’s nothing more exciting and daunting when you attend a wedding. You might attend with a plus one; other times you might know plenty of the attendees. Either way mingling before the reception formally begins is a win. Making this part of your ceremony will helpfully break the ice between strangers and unanimously have everyone feel united for your big reception bash.
  2. Have your DJ read the crowd: too many times we’ve heard of DJs making the audience jaded in between meals. SIFA Events offers professional wedding DJs that are put through a screening process via their program SIFA Academy. As a bonus, you also get an Artist Manager for free to guarantee all music contingencies are covered.
  3. Have your DJ MC during meal times: enjoy watching Netflix or TV whilst eating? So do we guests. It’s no surprise now that professional wedding DJs in Melbourne and Sydney are asked more and more to MC. Unsure whether your DJ is qualified to MC? Guarantee, SIFA Events DJs are. Book now to lock your DJ in!
  4. Confetti canons rock: there are no words to describe how much fun a confetti canon is. We’ll allow the below photos speak for themselves :
  5. Convenient child care: yes that’s right, they’re is such a thing. Halleluiah! All in all, kids at a wedding can be pretty cute. However, when they reach their bedtime and crankiness sets in, this often leaves you and parents to become quite annoyed. Sometimes even leaving early. Hiring a babysitter (or two) and setting them up in a room is the 2018 trick. Keeping them in a nearby location helps even the youngest of guests take a break when they are deniably cranky. If it’s possible, pick a space near your reception location, so parents can stop by to check in on their kids and then return to the party easily. Stock the room with snacks, games and a portable DVD player to keep them entertained, and make sure there are a soft sofa and blankets for those inevitable naps.


These are Australia’s top 5 ways to wow guests attending a wedding. There are plenty of other important tips that prove helpful to focus on a right direction for wowing your wedding guests. To find the most suitable ideas for your wedding, you can bank upon plenty of Australian Bridal websites that allows you to compare various wedding entertainment ideas. Want to hear more? Our super excited hard-working team is in easy contact during office hours and our DJs and musicians can be booked 24/7. Act today to secure your DJ and thank you for reading our blog piece. We look forward to being more of help in the future.

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