Vietnamese DJ

John Pham

SIFA Events has made it so easy to discover and book a Vietnamese DJ. Our database of assessed and trained DJs can handle every detail of your special occasion, whether it be a wedding, birthday, debutante ball party, engagement, school formal, special occasion, Bucks night, Hens night, anniversary or Halloween party.

Our favourite Vietnamese DJ in Melbourne John Pham has been performing some of the hottest tracks since the age of 13! Hits such as Mình là gì của nhau and UNI5 XIN HÃY RỜI XA cannot be better blended with Ngưng làm bạn or Calvin Harris My Way.

John Pham knows well and truly the saturated market of DJs out there competing on price or being a jack of all trades. John Pham’s popularity is branded more superiorly. John Pham takes the best from his Vietnamese heritage and uses your music playlist desires to create a phenomenal special occasion. John even mentions the work of his music to being tastefully special. 

Act today by browsing each DJ, selecting your date and hearing from your choice shortly after you book. Let us know how these pointers are helping you by getting in touch with us directly here. Stay tuned for our next post.

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