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Let’s be honest, do a majority of employees go to corporate parties and events because they want to, or because they feel obliged to?

As mentioned on Beat By Entertainment’s blog, corporate parties can often be boring! They usually end up being a gathering with groups of people talking about their job.

How to keep your corporate event interesting:

– Location

Huffington Post Blog suggests choosing an unusual location, something different and out of the ordinary that will make it interesting and have guests intrigued and wanting to attend. If people want to be there, their mood will be significantly different in comparison to if they are attending because they feel they have to.

– Activities

Having fun activities such as challenges or team tasks for employees and colleagues to do will get people involved and give them something to do rather than standing around. This will make the event unique and it will also give them something to talk about other than work.

– Speakers

Having a speaker who can give employees a different insight and provide a good story or insights is also a good idea suggested by Epstein on The Bizzabo Blog. The blog suggests that this will provide your guests an with an experience that they won’t forget.

– Music

A good way to lighten up and improve the mood in order to make it more interesting is to hire a corporate DJ. Sometimes organizers of corporate events may steer away from the idea of a DJ with the concern they will turn the event into a party. This definitely does not have to be the case. SIFA Events has experienced DJs that know what a corporate event entails and what kind of music will bring up the mood whilst still keeping the event respectable and professional.

Act today to secure your DJ and thank you for reading our blog piece. We look forward to being more of help in the future. Keep up to date with our expansion via following us on our social pages. 

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