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Those of you wanting music for your corporate functions, we can offer DJ’s who understand the importance music will play at your gathering.
Take the party with you wherever you want to go with the incredible Mobile DJ's offered here at SIFA Events.
DJ Agency

SIFA Events is Australia’s premier DJ talent agency, providing the highest skilled Australian DJ talent on offer. We bring the simplicity and ease of the latest technology to provide you with the best DJ hire system for booking talent for your next event. DJs at SIFA Events are renowned nationwide and have each been carefully assessed to ensure we provide the best of what each genre has to offer. They are your best choice to create an immersive and engaging experience for your patrons. 

SIFA Events manages more than 20 professional and artistic mobile DJs for all events. Whether you’re looking for event DJs to rock your house party, engagement party, or school formals, or corporate DJs for your next gala ball, staff party or product launch party, our artists are your best choice. We also provide touring DJs for the parties that don’t stop at one night: festivals, cruise ships concerts, and other touring features.

Our DJs play music from all genres, including electronic dance music, rap, and hip-hop, pop music, top 40 music, or blasts from the past with 80’s and 90’s music. We are also able to provide multicultural music for International events with a taste of home. SIFA Events offers Australian DJs in every corner of the country, from coast to coast: Hobart to Brisbane and Sydney to Perth. No matter where in Australia you are or what sort of event you are planning, SIFA Events has a DJ for hire that is perfect for you.

Why hire a DJ?

Of course, DJs play music, but have you ever wondered what a professional DJ can offer that your iPod can’t? What can a pro hire DJ bring to the party that a friend-of-a-friend can’t give you for just a six-pack of cold ones? More than you might think! DJs are talented music industry professionals who have a range of skills they draw on to make your event great. There are heaps of benefits to hiring a professional DJ instead of just hooking up a playlist of your own or calling in a favour from an acquaintance.

Experience and Musical Knowledge

Our DJs have played hundreds of parties and events: whatever the occasion, they’ve played it. They know how to read the room, build up the vibe and get people dancing. They have entire libraries of songs in their minds to flip through at a moment’s notice, ensuring you always have the perfect song playing at the perfect moment. They know what songs will be a hit with different demographics, whether it’s the latest new releases or obscure golden oldies. They are able to build the perfect soundtrack for your event, taking into account the list of songs you gave them beforehand, requests made during the event, and the feel of things on the day. They know what songs combine well in playlists, what order of titles will keep the mood consistent, and how to mash tracks together so there are no awkward seconds of silence between them. How many times have you been at a party with everyone dancing, only for the song to end and every person to leave the dance floor? It’s hard to get that momentum back once it’s lost. DJs know how to make sure that doesn’t happen.

DJ Equipment

When you hire a DJ, it’s actually not just the DJ for hire. With a DJ, you also hire sound equipment like speakers, soundboards, and microphones, and often hire lights, smoke machines, and other add-ons. A pro DJ isn’t going to show up at your venue and ask where the microphones and sound board are, only to complain about the quality: they come equipped and ready to set up their own space. Big speakers aren’t enough: there’s a fine line between making sure music fills a room, and making sure a wall of sound doesn’t blow your guests away. Different equipment setups are needed for different spaces and different kinds of events. Of course, the fact that the DJ is an expert at using this equipment is key! With a professional DJ, you avoid the screeches of microphone feedback or persistent buzzes or hums that can ruin even the best playlist. Professional DJs also have all the proper insurance for their expensive equipment, which means you don’t have to worry about a dodgy lawsuit over a busted speaker.

More than just music

Did you know DJs also MC your event, and may even be able to supply or facilitate other entertainment? DJs rely on a whole range of skills to make your event perfect. They are friendly, enthusiastic and great with people, whether it’s a room full of celebrities at a gala event or your grandmother at your wedding. They’re used to speaking to large groups of people, and they know the practicalities of what needs to happen to keep events going: what announcements need to be made and when. They can handle requests and answer questions, coax people onto the dance floor and keep everyone entertained all night long. You’re hiring a personality, not just a jukebox. Whether you have them on a microphone during the event or just mixing tracks, your guests will take notice and appreciate having an approachable professional on hand.

Peace of mind

When you hire a professional DJ from SIFA Events, you are guaranteeing your own peace of mind. An iPod can malfunction or run out of charge. An internet playlist relies on hours of solid internet connection, and can be interrupted by ads at any moment. A hire DJ, on the other hand, knows how to avoid any unplanned interruptions, and if all else fails they have backup plans and backup equipment. When your DJ is provided by a specialised company like SIFA Events, you know you’ll never be left without music because someone cancelled last minute or they forgot a power cord. We’ve got a network of the best Australian DJs with state-of-the-art equipment, which means there’s a pool of resources to draw on if someone gets sick or a speaker blows the day before your big event.


A random friend might be capable of playing some music, but when you pay for a professional DJ you get professional service. A friend of a friend might show up late (if at all!), have a few too many beers and refuse to play anything but obscure math rock, or insist on telling inappropriate jokes to your all-ages crowd. A professional DJ from SIFA Events will show up an hour early, in the appropriate dress code and with all the necessary equipment, ready for hours of work. They’ll make sure the equipment is in a safe location and that nobody can trip over loose cords or knock a speaker off its stand. They will diplomatically turn down the fifth request for The Macarena (unless that’s what you ask for!) and keep your drunk Uncle Phil off the microphone without offending him. At the end of the day, a professional knows this is their livelihood. They need to be the best at what they do, so they make sure they are. It’s hard for a random acquaintance with a playlist to match that level of investment.

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