Our Guide to Cocktail Party Music

Cocktail party

When thinking about a cocktail party of course cocktails come to mind, maybe a dressy, quite formal event, in the early evening, for maybe a social or corporate occasion. Often music and dancing is not the first thing we think of and that’s because that is not what this event is centered around.

Unlike other forms of parties, which can be loud and crazy, cocktail parties use music in the background to support the mood and conversation of guests and ensure the event isn’t silent. Music still plays an important role and is one of the vital ingredients of a good party, as mentioned by Cocktail Mixing Master.

The music at a cocktail party is simple, yet has different requirements to other types of parties. It sets the mood and atmosphere for guests but needs to be non-intrusive to their conversations. Guests should be able to have a conversation and be able to speak and hear one another without having to scream. In saying this, we don’t want it to be bland and dull, as this will be reflected in the mood.

As explained by Cocktail Mixing Master, there is a range of music genres that are chilled out and can be appropriate for a cocktail party such as groovy lounge, slow house, jazz, pop, blues and even acoustic.

Being aware and acknowledging that at this kind of event it’s okay for the music to be taken back a notch is key. It still plays an important role and should be kept in the background in order to accommodate for guests talking and having a good time. 

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