Wedding Reunion DJ Hire

Wedding Reunion DJ Hire

Party Entertainers For All Ages. How to organise an Wedding Anniversary?

Whether you need a Corporate function DJ, School function DJ, Karaoke DJ, Engagement DJ, or Christmas party DJ; whatever type of function, we can provide a full entertainment package. SIFA Events DJs pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and that has been our main emphasis since our inception. Throughout the years, we’ve heard a broad spectrum of anniversary running sheets; some risky and others very vanilla. Below we will be exploring some of our exclusive tips shared, so you too can organise an event near to perfect.

Anniversary DJ And Photo Booth:

 Combining a DJ and photo booth mix to create a robustly engaging anniversary event for your guests. Photo booths and DJs especially work well together with close family and friends usually in the form of a cocktail party. In saying that, on other occasions we have had also clients organise a large almost wedding like party for the celebration. Choosing the DJ grand pack, it was almost like a second wedding. Commonly photo booths from us has always been positive because of the tangible asset guests can keep. Strips of fun photos with family and friends are compact, making them long lasting memory keepsake items.   

Best Wedding Anniversary DJ Music Hits

Among all the playlists we see our clients make, we’ve learnt there is a special combination that works for any kind of anniversary. SIFA Events DJs dub this as the ‘music mash’. The wedding anniversary playlist comprises of a blend of classic old school songs with Zumba music and hottest hits. Zumba music is a hands down must because of the range of appeal. 

DJ Fundamentals

Whether you need a Corporate function DJ, School function DJ, Karaoke DJ, Engagement DJ, or Christmas party DJ; whatever type of function, we can provide a full entertainment package. SIFA Events has very strict on-board process and has raving reviews which highlight our guaranteed success. Every entertainer through SIFA Events will be:  

  • We will be dressed appropriately for your event.
    We have very well dressed DJ’s and we would be more than happy to dress in whatever style fits the theme and atmosphere of your event. Simply select the dress code of your entertainer in the booking and they will follow your instruction.
  • Our equipment are the best professional sound & light system.We use only the highest quality test and tagged professional sound equipment. We use wireless microphones, and all of our systems are neatly assembled to hide unsightly cords and wires.
  • Our Disc Jockeys are knowledgeable, cooperative & fun SIFA Events DJ’s have a simple philosophy. We create unforgettable memories which will last with your family and friends for a lifetime. We are there for you and we will work hard to prepare for each event so we will be able to meet your special needs. Our DJs are trained through SIFA Academy and assessed from internationally touring DJs not only to play music, but to help you and your guests have fun. We are always open to your input and special requests.
  • We have a complete range of music for you to choose from there’s nothing worse than hiring someone to play music only to find out they don’t have the music you need. In addition, we access our massive music libraries of over 10,00 songs ranging from 70′, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and the current top 40’s

Are you planning a party soon? Well SIFA Events Melbourne DJs are here for hire to make your event a great success and show all your guests a great time. We have a range of professional Melbourne DJs, who can easily adapt to any party situation and crowd to make your party a memorable one. We have some of the most prominent Melbourne DJs, who are presentable, punctual and we are more than happy to work with you to create your ideal track list, take requests from guests and make it a night to remember. DJs at SIFA Events perform with the latest range of DJ equipment and lighting effects. Whatever the occasion, our SIFA Events Melbourne DJs are always ready with a large range of popular tracks for your event.

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