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Sport Events DJ


Are you a runner and enjoy music? Australia is launching the AFL Gatorade-100 sprint. Having accomplished Adelaide, Brisbane and now progressively entering Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, you are in for a chance to show your skill. Broadcasted nationally, contenders are able to run up against Australia’s finest footy players. Kindly organised by sports-themed beverage and food products built around its signature line of sports drinks, Gatorade, the G100 is a sports lovers event. In this piece, we will be covering why Aussies should get involved and what are the requirements SIFA Events go to for putting this together.

Who is SIFA Events?

Known for connecting the community through the power of music, SIFA Events loves providing DJ and musical entertainment for sport events. Irrespective of how big or intimate your event is, SIFA Events is there. Working in part with event managers, event organisers and company representatives alike, SIFA Events is a great team player. 

How SIFA Events scores goals at sports events:

Beginning in Adelaide and Melbourne, SIFA Events has expanded to over 25 DJs and percussionists across Australia. In order to guarantee a tight performance that exceeds satisfaction, all DJs are assessed and funneled into performing for their skillset. What this means is that in the case of Gatorade, where an Audiovisual person is not present, our right DJ can still manage. Audiovisuals are responsible for set up, operate, maintain and repair equipment used to enhance live events, such as microphones, video recorders, projectors, lighting and sound mixing equipment. 

Music moves minds:

Studies show that athletes can associate a specific piece of music with the optimum state of mind for exercise over time (Independent News, 2016). For this reason, and especially being the G100, speakers with crisp clarity and projection is a must. In terms of DJ equipment CDJ’s 100 or Pioneer is highly recommended. From expertise in the field, anything less will disrupt the continuity in strong thoughts. 

Get noticed:

Aside from the G100 is a great medium to find like-minded friends, you can also get noticed. Winners are announced, attendees rub shoulders with footy players and the match is broadcasted. All these elements are great energies to take you further in your sporting ambition.

How to get involved in the G100:

Gatorade invites all 14-18yr AFL players to record their personal best 100m time, for a chance to run at the MCG on Grand Final day. To get involved you need to register for your local G100 State Heat event and log a time on Gatorade’s unique 100m ‘dual-lane match race’ sprint track complete with digital timing. At the initial comp, you can expect to meet your local AFL stars who will be there to support and cheer you on, a live SIFA Events DJ pumping tunes, an AFL Skills & Drills area to get your hands on the footy, plus Gatorade merchandise and prizes. Local AFL Clubs with the most players in attendance will win a Gatorade Hydration Pack.

The fastest 14 runners per G100 State Heat event will progress to a corresponding State Final, racing pre-game at an official 2018 Toyota AFL Premiership Season match. Place first or second at your State Final race and win the ultimate AFL prize; tickets to the 2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final and the chance to be crowned Australia’s ‘Fastest U18 AFL Player, by racing pre-game at the 2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final on the MCG in the G100 National Final in front of 90,000 people!

Want to hear more? Our super excited hard-working team is in easy contact during office hours and our DJs and musicians can be booked 24/7. Act today to secure your DJ and thank you for reading our blog piece. We look forward to being more of help in the future.

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