SIFA Events Supporting Fight Cancer Foundation Australia

Which SIFA Events DJ Did Fight Cancer Foundation Choose?

One of our most loved SIFA Events DJs, DJ Sarez had the fantastic opportunity of representing his home state in Adelaide by performing at the Fight Cancer Foundation Red Ball Event. DJ Sarez demonstrates pure DJ expertise by pushing out his press kit, showing respect regardless of status and upholding great integrity for the impact he makes on the music industry. DJ Sarez is always preparing well in advance and uses his fantastic radio experience to partake in Master Of Ceremonies and work with different musicians.

Who is the Fight Cancer Foundation?

Fight Cancer Foundation is a non-for-profit organization established in 1989 that preliminary worked with the Bone Marrow Donor Institute to establish Australia’s first bone marrow donor registry and find a cure for leukemia. Fight Cancer Foundation has today broaden their scope to now providing support services for patients with blood and other cancers.

The Red Ball is an annual event hosted by Fight Cancer Foundation to raise money in supporting Fight Cancer Foundation’s education support program and The Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. 

What happened at the event? 

Below is what we saw through the doors of Fight Cancer Foundation in the Red Ball Event: well-respected members dancing having a good time.

Who supported Fight Cancer Foundation in pulling off the Red Ball?

A company by the name of Trumpet Events was used to pull off the fantastic and hugely successful Red Ball event. Trumpet Events has become Australia’s most exclusive special events company with vast experience and envied success in the creation of special occasions. Holding the secrets to event management for the most extravagant to simplest event plans means Trumpet events has consistently held a growing fan base committed to attending the Fight Cancer Foundation Red Ball each year. You can see more of our attendees by clicking here.

How Did Giving To Fight Cancer Foundation Give Back To SIFA Events?

Giving our services to the cause of Fight Cancer Foundation is by far the most rewarding experience throughout the compass of events we have performed at. From touring Sean Paul to hosting End Of Financial Year Parties, this was our first experience with non-for-profits in the corporate space. If you have ever had the pleasure to serve value to a non-for-profit or have interacted with Fight Cancer Foundation you may understand when we describe the experience to be breathtaking. SIFA Events was able to extend the passion we have towards fighting for cancer without having an active regular involvement in the field.

Remainder Of Exclusive Snapshots From SIFA Events


(SIFA Events DJ Sarez training with the percussionist – photographed by SIFA Events)



(SIFA Events DJ Sarez performing – photographed by SIFA Events)



(SIFA Events DJ Sarez mixing on the decks alongside percussionist – photographed by SIFA Events)



(Fight Cancer Foundation audience networking- photographed by SIFA Events)



(Fight Cancer Foundation audience dancing- photographed by SIFA Events) 

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