Mobile DJ Cost?

Mobile DJ Cost?

More often than not, when hiring a DJ for an event the main deciding factor for most people is cost. Whilst we understand that each person may have their own individual budget for their event entertainment, it is important to understand why DJ’s offer their service at a particular price. 

Relationship between Price, Quality and Service

DJ: Plus Entertainment’s article, featured on DJAA breaks this down, explaining the relationship between price, quality, and service. SIFA Events agrees that these three factors are in fact interrelated and have an impact on one another. The article refers to couples planning their wedding, which are often looking for the cheapest price, whilst still having the expectation of high quality and service. This is unrealistic because, in order to have all three, one must not be compromised. 

What you pay is what you get

Like many other things, a cheaper price often reflects a lower level of quality. As mentioned in the article on DJAA, a DJ whose price is cheaper is usually a less experienced individual who may entertain part-time or as a hobby. In addition to this, cheaper DJ’s often use a pre-recorded playlist meaning they are not physically creating and mixing the music throughout the event. Although they may have a higher quality sound equipment, this is essentially the equivalent of playing music from your iPod, phone or laptop. Although this may suffice for smaller events such as birthday parties, this might not be the quality couples are looking for or expecting from their wedding DJ.

DJ: Plus Entertainment’s article breaks down why some DJ’s charge more than others. It explains that a higher price will reflect the experience levels of the DJ, as well as a higher level of talent, quality, and professionalism. 

Clearing up the confusion

Much of this confusion is to do with people being unsure of what they should be looking for when deciding on their DJ. SIFA Events aims to educate customers on this, in order to ensure they are choosing the right DJ for their event without compromising on quality.

The music plays a significant role for the event as it sets the mood. Everyone wants their Wedding day to be perfect so don’t let the music be the downfall. We hope that this information gives you an insight on what to look for when choosing your DJ.


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