How to get people dancing at a Christmas Party


It’s nearing the end of 2017 and you’ve spent ages organising the Christmas event, everything is going as planned, decorations, food, and music are perfect. All the guests are there but for some reason no one seems to be in a dancing mood. What are you supposed to do?

Anyone organising the Christmas event wants to make sure that their guests are enjoying themselves, as this can be a significant indicator of attending the next one in a years time. For the most part, using Dance and Hottest Hits music can get you and your team members dancing the most. Below is what we have learned when delivering the music.


Hypnotic Music

What classifies as dance music? You’re not going to believe the answer. It’s any music to which you can dance! Knew that would get you. Seriously, it’s not that simple at times and only an experienced DJ with an awesome playlist knows just what sort of music keeps people on their feet trying out Michael Jackson moves on the dance floor.

Book the right DJ for your Christmas Party by using SIFA Events to laser target the person you want controlling the feet and bodies of your guests. Sounds scary, but music can hypnotize and a Dance Music DJ is a master mesmeriser. Dance! Now! Yessir!

Hottest Hits are Cool

When your guests arrive at your Christmas party, their number one desire will be to have the hottest hits music playing in the background while they drink, eat and dance. Make sure that their tastes in music are being catered for by ordering a professional DJ who can provide exactly what they want. It’s a guaranteed success for your party.

How do you order your DJ? Go to this website – SIFA Events – and all will be revealed. There is a complete rundown on the DJ’s available. Make sure you click on “Hottest Hits” if that’s what you want as a filter and then click on the DJ. Too easy! 


Hypnosis by Music

You cannot have a Christmas Party in Melbourne, well, anywhere for that matter, that does not have music to which you can trip the light fantastic. For all the budding dance fanatics, the music has to be such that it is impossible to not get up and move your legs and body about in a semblance of dancing.

A Dance Music DJ that you can shop for at SIFA Events online is just the right person to fill your head with crazy dreams of being able to dance. The right beat, the right music, THAT song, all work towards hypnotising you to think you can solo a dance floor. Don’t kid yourself, but have fun trying.

Hot Weather – Hottest Hits

There’s no accounting for taste, and when you look at the hottest music hits you will see a whole range of genres in there. That makes sense because hot means popular and you like it, you play it, you listen to it…again…and again. Your Christmas Party can base its success on playing the latest and greatest, and these will be tunes that your guests will easily recognise because they hear them every day.

You need an experienced DJ to have that playlist of the hottest hits available. The success of your party is just a couple of clicks away on the SIFA Events website where you can order your Hottest Hits DJ in a couple of minutes. Too easy!

Act today to secure your DJ and thank you for reading our blog piece. We look forward to being more of help in the future.

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