How do Office Parties Retain Employees?


Tonight, companies around Australia will host their annual holiday party. They’ve rented out an amazing catering hall. There will be plenty of free alcohol, although as an alcohol distributor, that’s to be expected. Sometimes there are raffles and other times there are keynote speakers from leaders of the team.

It’s amazing to see from SIFA Events perspective that irrespective of the industry, parties are not attended because of the extravagant gifts or even the prime rib. It’s the fact that every year, the owners of our company get together and throw their employees a party to thank them all for a hard year’s work. And you know what? That means something.

How Do Office Parties Retain Employees?

First and foremost, office parties are a great opportunity for team members to break bread and repair heated experiences. Often in the busy periods where shoulders are rubbing and time is of the essence, our feelings can get the worst of us. Parties are a great place of reconnecting and remembering that we are all human at the end of the day working towards the same goal. In doing so, relationships are rebuilt and retention in the workplace is maintained.

Work parties also strengthen a teams sense of identity and belonging. Workplace parties are designed to welcome, involve and praise employees. It is all part of the networking amongst good food and music that often does the trick. In doing so, less staff are ostracized and according to Inc,  the effort to have a party that develops employee bonds adds to staff excited to return for 2018.

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