Hiring The Best Birthday DJ

Hiring The Best Birthday DJ

Before you go looking for a Birthday DJ hire services in Melbourne, you should consider a few things first in order to ensure that you get the best DJ for your birthday party. Not all birthday party DJs in Melbourne are created equal, and you don’t want to leave the vibe of the birthday party in an amateur’s hands, do you? In order to ensure your corporate birthday party is a success, here are some tips on what to do before hiring a party DJ in Melbourne:

  1. Ask for recommendations

You’ve probably had plenty of friends host parties before, so they most likely can give you the 411 on many qualified DJ hire services in Melbourne, so before you start your Google search, look to your social media friends, family and followers for recommendations on the best party DJ! Their referrals will help guide you on the right path to choosing a professional and talented Melbourne party DJ for your birthday party.

  1. What’re their playlists like?

Of course, you want to hire a birthday party DJ in Melbourne that plays the latest hits, but there might be other songs your guests might enjoy that your DJ might not be familiar with. This is why you should always ask what their music library consists of and to provide a sample of some of the past playlists for birthday parties in Melbourne to gauge their musical selection.

  1. Check prices

You don’t want to go with the first birthday party DJ in Melbourne you find! Make sure that you reach out to a few others so that you can get a range of pricing to see which one fits your budget. DJ hire Melbourne prices will range, so you want to make sure you get the best deal for your money.

  1. MC capabilities

If you want your Melbourne birthday party DJ to get the crowd pumped and make a few announcements, it’s important to find out if they feel comfortable MCing or not. Some DJs don’t MC, while others have vibrant personalities and love to MC.

  1. Backup equipment

It’s good to know what will happen if their equipment breaks down so that the party isn’t cut short. Make sure you ask about any backup equipment or what they’ll do if something breaks in the middle of the party.

  1. Will they have clean edits of songs?

You want to make sure that they have clean edits to today’s popular songs. You might have children present so any profanity or explicit lyrics might not work well for a birthday party of ages.

At SIFA Events, we have a range of professional Melbourne DJs to choose from! With competitive DJ hire Melbourne prices, rest assured that your services will exceed your expectations and really make your birthday party the event of the year!

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