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Debutante Ball DJs

The Debutant Ball event originally came about for young girls reaching maturity or becoming an adult. Although it is an old tradition, many high schools still carry on the custom of hosting a Debutante Ball. This is something exciting that students look forward to throughout their schooling. The Debutantes look forward to asking a boy to be their date, traveling in limousines and getting all dressed up in their extravagant white gowns.

A Debutante Ball is a milestone that students know they will remember for years to come and will most likely be a key highlight of their high school experience.

There is a lot of effort and planning that goes into organising this kind of event and considering it is a key milestone, there are stringent criteria for school captains, students, and teachers when it comes to choosing and making bookings. An important one of these factors is choosing a DJ.

Debutante Ball DJs

DJs for Debutante Balls will need to play a more traditional, ballroom style of music, which is suited to this kind of event. The Debutantes often have dances that they have been practicing, so the songs for these dances will, of course, be essential. A DJ that has experience in playing for Debutante Balls will have an understanding of the formalities that will occur during the night and hence will ensure the event runs smoothly.

Why SIFA Events has the best Debutante Ball DJs

SIFA Events Debutante Ball DJs are first assessed to see whether they are of School Debutante Ball criteria. The assessment is conducted by SIFA Events’ partner arm SIFA Academy and by Australia renowned Industry DJs. From there, SIFA Events qualifies our DJs to be present on our instant booking platform, making it easy for teachers, students or organizers to book. SIFA Events has DJs available all over Australia, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, and Darwin so we are available no matter where your Debutante Ball is.

To make sure your Debutante Ball DJ doesn’t disappoint, book your DJ online with SIFA Events today. Thank you for reading our blog piece and we look forward to being more of help in the future. Keep up to date with our expansion via following us on our main social pages.

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