DJ Requests: What to do?

How To Request Songs


It is up to each individual DJ whether they wish to take song requests or not. Some will simply refuse to, although it is essential to remember that as a DJ you are playing for the people! The most important part of your job is to make sure your audience is happy and if playing that one song they want to hear does that, then it might very well be worth it.

As mentioned by Challands, although it may seem annoying, listening to requests can, in fact, be beneficial and could make your job easier. Playing what people want to hear will ensure that the crowd is reacting positively. It is also beneficial, as you will know that they do want to hear the song, so this reduces the amount of guessing you need to do.

Being up to date with the latest trends and having a large range of music on hand will increase your chances of having the songs that may be requested. In saying this, if you do not have the song, it is ok to just say this.  

Although it can be distracting, the best thing to do is politely listen to what they have to say, whilst trying not to get distracted. In order to avoid disappointment, If you do not have the intention of playing the song that is requested do not promise it, you are better off just being honest. 

It is important to remember that no matter what; you will never be able to please absolutely everyone. You may play every single requested song but not every single person will like them and that’s ok. Motion Select explains that as the DJ, it is important to play what you are booked for and try not to get distracted by requests that steer away from this. Act today to secure your DJ and thank you for reading our blog piece. We look forward to being more of help in the future. 

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