SIFA Events provides more than just highly skilled DJ's, we empower our clients with an advanced real-time booking platform that allows hassle-free and instant confirmation of your selected DJ. Our party Djs, will cater for all different types of events ranging from corporate parties, birthday parties, festivals, weddings, and house parties, With more than 20 trained, qualified and professional DJ’s, SIFA Events brings the power of music to your event. Our DJs intimately understand all types of music genres and can even play a custom playlist of your favourite songs and will take the requested songs to ensure the dance floor is rocking all night long. Our mission is ensuring our artists (Djs) create lifetime memories for our clients to cherish.  An in-depth quality controlled training and assessment program is required for all our DJ's to complete to ensure staunch quality and the highest calibre of service.


SIFA Academy has been a natural extension of SIFA Events. Why? Well, it makes sense that if we are advertising the hire of DJ’s, then we want well trained, client-focused entertainers that will rock any event. During an intensive training program, aspiring DJ’s will be taught the basic fundamentals of music presentation as part of learning their DJ skills. They will learn how to market themselves as an artist and be able to present potential employers with a fully prepared industry-ready portfolio of professional photos and video content. All successful graduates from SIFA Academy can become representatives for SIFA Events. That means we fully endorse the quality of our training.

To become a Disc Jockey, you need to first listen to the best and learn from them. In other words, you have to carefully sample some of the best products from the top entertainers and try to learn how well they blend their mixes. That’s something we understand at SIFA Events and forms part of the Academy’s curriculum. We nurture, train and promote new and up and coming DJs for a long and prosperous career in the music entertainment industry.

SIFA Touring is SIFA’s domestic and international touring agency, presenting and promoting high profile artists to Australian fans. SIFA Touring successfully promoted shows featuring Grammy Award-winning dancehall superstar Sean Paul and special guest, soul singer/songwriter, actor, producer, and activist, Mya. Sean Paul's full band and dancers performed all his massive hits throughout November 2014 in shows across Australia.

Paul and Mya starred in the shows which headlined in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. All the favourite hits from "Get Busy", "Temperature" and of course "Gimme the Light", to the club jams all Sean Paul and Mya fans remember, "Case of the Ex", "My Love is Like...Wo" and "Lady Marmalade" was performed in front of an enthusiastic audience. SIFA Touring is working towards new show promotions and hopes to be able to announce tours by up and coming, and already established artists, in the near future. Watch this space.

Performers wanting a tour agent to handle their itinerary and all the associated arrangements for performances around Australia can contact us here in the first instance. We have the experience and skills to negotiate the many speed humps, such as the legal and contractual, you are likely to meet when planning your shows. Let SIFA Touring make your travel performances a smooth journey!