Overall Talent

DJ Experience: 1998
Artist Handle: Tyrone
Language: English
Country Origin: Australia flag Australia
Reside: Victoria, Australia


Throughout my music career, I have played numerous gigs across Australia as well as toured in the USA therefore, I am very experienced playing sets in front of crowds. I have worked alongside well-known musicians such as Daryl Braithwaite, Trial Kennedy, 28 days and Antiskeptic. I have recently worked with grammy award winning producer Chris Lord-Alge whose repertoire includes Bon Jovi, U2, Muse, Stevie Nicks and Phil Collins. For the last 3 years, I have been a drum teacher which has allowed me to share my knowledge, skills, and experience within the industry. I am extremely dedicated and will always go the extra mile for the industry as it is a lifelong passion.

Tyrone has been playing the drums for 24 years. Over this time he has played alongside some artists such as Daryl Braithewaite, 28 Days and Trial Kennedy. Tyrone has worked with one of the top producers in the USA and has also toured America with his band waking eden. Tyrone is very versatile in his playing styles and some of his biggest inspiration comes from names such as Mike Portnoy and Virgil Donati. 



Melbourne Cup Private Party
Sam Gance from Toorak, Victoria on 17th Nov 2017
DJ Sarez and percussionists were highly skilled in adapting to the audience and incorporating live elements of percussion. DJ Sarez and percussionists created an ideal experience of blending both live music with DJ mixing.
$400 - $950 *
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