Overall Talent

DJ Experience: EST 2016
Artist Handle: DEEJAYVEE
Language: English
Country Origin: Australia flag Australia
Reside: New South Wales, Australia


DJ DEEJEYVEE is a rising talent in the DJ industry. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Laidback Like, Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, Calvin Harris and Eric Prydzz. DJ DEEJEYVEE can present a variety of music to suit the theme of your function. DJ DEEJEYVEE broke into music when mastering his skills playing the guitar and piano for music productions. Utilising his production experience and calling on his talent for DJing, DJ DEEJEYVEE has already secured multiple gigs ranging from F45 Gym to birthday parties. Always striving to do his best, our very talented DJ DEEJEYVEE would be an excellent choice for your event. Those who have worked with DJ DEEJEYVEE know him to be a very passionate, genuine and creative artist. DJ DEEJEYVEE believes in the motto “strive to improve and be the best at what you do”. This motto carries him to create a wonderful client experience when working with him.

DJ DEEJEYVEE gets a genuine kick out of being able to mix music to influence people in incredibly positive ways. DJ DEEJEYVEE’s goal is to continuously improve his DJ’ing skills so that he can attain the lofty levels of his idols, Avicii, Eric Prydz, Martin Garrix and Laidback Luke. In the interim, DJ DEEJEYVEE continues working hard to gain further experience with nightclub gigs and house parties. Having an Italian background, DJ DEEJEYVEE's passion and dedication is notably expressive. Whether it be a large or small audience, DJ DEEJEYVEE is confident he can put on a fantastic performance.


NSW ATHLETICS from Parramatta, New South Wales on 22nd Jul 2019
It was difficult that I was sent another DJ, because of certain circumstances and the times were different to what I had booked. Both the illusionist and the DJ were very professional and i appreciated they did what they could. Both acts were well put together annd everybody enjoyed them immensely. Regards
UNSW Women Engineering Society Ball
Mirette Saleh from Unsw Sydney, New South Wales on 26th Nov 2018
DEEJAYVEE knew how to hype up our audience and played all of our songs requested on the playlist. DEEJAYVEE personality was awesome and fitted well with our group.
Scare Cancer Halloween Ball
Kids With Cancer Foundation from Castle Hill, New South Wales on 21st Nov 2018
We had the pleasure of DEEJAYVEE Perform at our Scare Cancer Halloween Ball recently, which he generously donated his time to.. He was great, made our night!!!
Caroline's Birthday Party
Caroline vanzanella from Kings Langley, New South Wales on 5th Jun 2018
Music is a big part of anyone’s night and more so on certain events. I gave Joshua a list of my music and asked him to play certain genres into the night and he did a great job creating that vibe and spinning those tunes. I loved Joshua’s warming, bubbly and professional presence but what I loved most was his interaction with the kids on the night. He took initiative and played “freeze” with the kids, stopping the music and calling the kids out. These are the little bonuses you get when booking someone, you hope they are pleasant, set the scene and create a lovely vibe throughout the night but when they exceed expectations that’s a bonus. The smiles on the children’s faces meant everything to me, thank you for making mine and guests an enjoyable night. The night wouldn’t have been right without the dj! Thank you Deejeyvee and Sifa Events for accommodating us with a great Dj!
Paul and Charlotte's Wedding
charlotte victoria berry from Woollahra, New South Wales on 5th Jun 2018
We had Dee jayvee play alongside our hired saxophonist, we had an amazing time and the duo work really well. The playlist provided and song selection was perfect for the occasion.
$500 - $1000 *
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